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Spijkerbed is a community project that has been started by the inhabitants of ‘het Spijkerkwartier`. We enjoy living in our neighbourhood so much that we love to share this experience with you. That is why you will be lodged in one of our homes. In collaboration with our local entrepreneurs we will take care to provide you with a bed, a breakfast, lunch, dinner and entertainment. Spijkerbed is founded on the strong points of our neighbourhood and its inhabitants.

Of course you will be given a comfortable accommodation. If apart from being lodged you also wish to participate in the activities, we can arrange that for you. We base our offer on the qualities of our fellow residents. How about a nightly stroll through our hidden gardens, a cooking workshop, an acting- or dancing class, a cycling tour, or being read to by one of our local authors? Do you have a totally different wish, please let us know so that we can adapt the arrangement to your taste. There are multiple possibilities in our neighbourhood.

As our guest you give us your wishes in advance and we will make you a customized proposal. You will discover some of our secrets during your stay with us. Of course we will consult with you about your preferences. If you are someone who has a soft spot for the unexpected and personal service you will not be disappointed. Spijkerbed will make sure that you are left with an unforgettable memory. Price indication: arrangements from €57,50  per person, exclusive customized activities.

For more information please contact or call +31 6 246 34 773.